'Una Cierta Edad del Mundo'
solo show by Oscar Santillan

curated by Chiara Ianeselli

16 September - 4 November 2017
Opening: Friday 15 September 2017 at 6 pm

Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm or by appointment



'Between a Dusk and a Dawn there is an eclipse' solo show by Alessandro Sciaraffa
23 June 2017 - 29 July 2017 [info]

'I_AM [Interfered Accessed Memories]' solo show by Andreas Lutz
11 April 2017 - 27 May 2017 [info]

'Hunky Dory' solo show by Carlo Benvenuto
19 November 2016 - 11 march 2017 [info]

'Nexus', group show
10 September - 12 November 2016 [info]

'Timber', solo show by Michele Spanghero
28 June - 30 July 2016 [info]

'Alter-Egos', solo show by Guido Canziani Jona
18 March - 11 June 2016 [info]

'Summer of Love', solo show by Douglas Henderson
24 October 2015 - 16 January 2016 [info]

'Re/presenting Music #2', group show
11 September - 17 October 2015 [info]

'Hidden From View', solo show by Christina Kubisch
29 May - 30 July 2015 [info]

'Eclissi', solo show by Paolo Inverni
16 January - 16 May 2015 [info]


PAOLO INVERNI, 'No idea how long', solo show at LocaleDue, Bologna, Italy, curated by Alessandra Franetovich. 25 May – 17 June 2017 [info]

PAOLO INVERNI takes part in 'Teatrum Botanicum' at PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Torino, Italy. 16 – 18 June 2017 [info]

PAOLO INVERNI takes part in the presentation of the book 'Nuove geografie del suono. Spazi e territori nell'epoca postdigitale' by Leandro Pisano, published by Meltemi. PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Torino, Italy; 17 June 2017, 6.30pm [info]

ANDREAS LUTZ takes part in the Antarctic Pavillion at the 57th Venice Biennale, in Venice Italy. Curated by Nadim Samman. Opening on May 11th, 2017 [info]

CHRISTINA KUBISCH "Electrical Walks - Athens", as part of DOCUMENTA 14 in Romantso, Greece, Opening May 25th, 2017. [info]

OSCAR SANTILLAN, "Macula", solo show at MUAC, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo and UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, curated by Amanda de la Garza. Opening on May 20th, 2017 [info]

CARLO BENVENUTO takes part in "Rip it up! 2nd Changjiang International Photography and Video Bienniale". Until July 28th. [info]

CHRISTIAN FOGAROLLI "Satelliti". Solo show at Museo della psichiatria Reggio Emilia, Italy, as part of FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA 2017. Opening on May 5th 2017. [info]

DONATO PICCOLO Aritmosferica. Solo show at GABA, Macerata, Italy, curated by Elena Giulia Rossi and Antonello Tolve. Opening on May 8th 2017. [info]

CHRISTINA KUBISCH, DONATO PICCOLO, DOUGLAS HENDERSON, ROBERTO PUGLIESE, MICHELE SPANGHERO, EDGARDO RUDNITZKY take part in SILENZI D'ALBERI, group show in Pieve di Soligo, Italy. Curated by Lucia Longhi and Sonia Belfiore. Opening on May 14th, 2017. [info]

DONATO PICCOLO Ecce Homo. Da Marino Marini a Mimmo Paladino. La scultura di figura in Italia, curated by Flavio Arensi La Mole, Magazzino Tabacchi, Ancona until May 7th, 2017 [info]

CELESTE BOURSIER-MOUGENOT takes part in 'Socle du Monde Biennale 2017: to challenge the Earth and the Moon, the Sun & the Stars' curated by Olivier Varenne, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning, Denmark. Opening on April 21, 2017 [info]

EDGARDO RUDNITZKY Jorge Macchi. Perspective, in collaboration with Jorge Macchi. Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo - Madrid until June 10th, 2017 [info]


Shigeo Arikawa [portfolio]

Carlo Benvenuto

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot [portfolio]

Guido Canziani Jona [portfolio]

Martin Daske

Agostino Di Scipio [portfolio]

Christian Fogarolli [portfolio]

Douglas Henderson [portfolio]

Shingo Inao

Paolo Inverni [portfolio]

Christina Kubisch [portfolio]

Pe Lang [portfolio]

Andreas Lutz [portfolio]

Robin Minard

Kristoffer Myskja [portfolio]

Roberto Paci Dalò [portfolio]

Donato Piccolo [portfolio]

Roberto Pugliese [portfolio]

Edgardo Rudnitzky [portfolio]

Oscar Santillan [portfolio]

Alessandro Sciaraffa [portfolio]

Michele Spanghero [portfolio]

Spazio Visivo (Paolo Cavinato + Stefano Trevisi) [portfolio]


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